About the Conference

The International Conference UNED-ICDE 2013 will be hosted by UNED, Madrid (Spain) on 7-9 March 2013. This conference, which is jointly organized by the UNED and the ICDE, is one of the ICDE regional annual conferences.

Although the conference is promoted by two Distance Education institutions, its goals are not simply limited to this growing field in education but to all higher education institutions.

The purpose is to bring together Higher Education institutions, Distance Education institutions, and traditional face-to-face Education institutions that apply methodologies based on Open and Distance Education technologies, and, at the same time, create a space where academics, teachers, researchers, politicians, social and economic actors can collaborate and discuss how to generate and transfer knowledge geared to building inclusive, successful and intelligent societies. The Conference will provide a space where all these social actors can meet and reach agreements on cooperation projects in research, counselling and evaluation.

The use of information and communication technologies is blurring the line that once separated Higher Education Institutions from the societies they served. Nevertheless, this transformation is not always used to achieve the objectives of an education committed to greater social justice and innovation. Open Distance Learning (ODL) and Open Educational Resources (OER) have the potential to lower the barriers and significantly contribute to mobilising knowledge and the workforce.

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Project funded by the Ministry of Education of Spain as part of the International Campus of Excellence